Paulding Public Safety Appreciation

9PM - 06/02/2017
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About Us

Paulding Public Safety Appreciation, Inc. (PPSA) was created to help Public Safety employees in times of need; whether it’s for themselves or a member of their family. To be eligible for benefits, individuals need to either live OR work in Paulding, but must work in the areas of Public Safety - Sheriff’s Office, Police Department, Firefighter, Paramedic, EMT, Marshal, District Attorney's Office, and 911 Dispatch. The assistance from PPSA is used to help with tangible expenses like certifications, medical or utility bills, and hospice or funeral expenses.

The idea began when a Deputy’s spouse became ill and needed immediate hospice care, then unfortunately passed away. PPSA hosted a spaghetti dinner which helped raise over $2,000 to help with the expenses. But, PPSA takes this a step further. Personnel who need help don’t just need it immediately. They still need help months or even a year down the road; which is very unique about PPSA. They stay involved and continue to help where it’s needed.

In five years, PPSA has done so much including establishing two Rising Star Scholarships; the Chad Leggett Scholarship for any fire, EMT or Paramedic personnel and the Tara Drummond Scholarship for law enforcement personnel. Most recently they donated $1,000 to establish benevolent funds for each of the following agencies: Hiram Police Department, Dallas Police Department, Paulding County Sheriff’s Department, Paulding County Fire Department, and Clark Ambulance. The proceeds raised from the event will help them accomplish so much more, but they need you!